Unidentified Flying Objects

Still unidentified, maybe one day we'll find a meaning.
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MC Sykosis,
Giant Robot Fist of Death!!! Mixtape Volume 3

No Church for the Wild. The beat is off Jayz and Kanye’s Watch The Throne, best enjoy it. My boy Alex put a lot into this.

Worst part about relationships are having to be the one to break up with somebody. I always feel like shit doing it, but i just want to be happy. So I’m currently gonna sit back and allow the feelings take over for a while. I hope she doesn’t have any hard feelings. 


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Jay-Z & Kanye West,
Watch The Throne [Deluxe Edition](Explicit)

JayZ, thank you. Watch The Throne, Why I Love You Feat Mr. Hudson.

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Of Mice And Men,
The Flood

When you cant sleep at night by Of Mice & Men. Don’t really like the band to much, this song is a rare exception.

My mission today is hit every record store in town till i find exactly what I want, this will be an adventure.


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Walking Away, Limp Bizkit. Rough ass song.

Love Talib, such a great song.

I want everything to do with this. 

But if you look at the streets, it wasn’t about Rodney King

It’s this fucked-up situation and these fucked-up police

It’s about comin’ up and stayin’ on top

And screamin’ 187 on a mother fuckin’ cop

It’s not in the papers it’s on the wall

I’ve found myself listening to a lot of Talib Kweli, this is a good thing of course. 

This is in no paticular order. 

  • Kayak 
  • New SLR Camera, Nikon D3100 or D500
  • Newer camping pack
  • Ultra Light fishing pole
  • Black Star concert tickets for September 23 in Chicago
  • little two door truck, ranger or colorado. USED. 

Goal, make half this list happen by labor day. 

Any online shopping suggestions for any of these items?